A practice space where we get to expand awareness together.

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Spiritual Science

Build our liberation on
legacy and tradition.

Gathering Tools

Remember technologies
for healing and growth.


Practice in relationship,
and with support here.


from my 2 favorite Audre Lorde Biographers

"Sangodare means 'darling child of the lightning'.  And that's what Sangodare's approach does.  It opens up the sky.   I am more in touch with my purpose, more aware of my power and more connected to divinity because of Sangodare's leadership and support."

Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Community Cherished Author and Poet

“What do the queer prophet do?  The queer prophet comes to us to make us comfortable with who we are, and to make us see ourselves as sacred, to make us see ourselves as connected to each other.  To invite us into the deepest most sacred part of ourselves, which is the poetry of ourselves.

Thank you Sangodare for turning us towards each other day after day, month after month, year after year, sustaining us.”

Alexis DeVeaux
Author of Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde


A practice space where we get to expand awareness together.

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Practice Space
Monthly Online Check-In

Monthly Hangout & Book Review


 for those committed to
spiritual practice

100% Self guided
Transcend Monthly Check-In


Transcend Priest

for those who facilitate
spiritual practice for self & others

+ Optional Text or Email Prompts
Check-In plus the  Recording
Hangout & Live Book Review
 Access to Facebook Group

Initial One-on-One Session

Follow-Up Inquiry
Facebook Group Member

(add Session w/ Transcend+)

 Contributor Access to Facebook

Initial Session One-on-One

Follow Up Inquiry Sessions
 Ceremony Invitation

Ceremony Facilitation Practice/Training

Spiritual Toolshare

Spiritual Vocation Support
Ceremony Invites

Tools Documentation


Ceremony Invites+

Facilitator Practice

Spiritual Toolshare

Grow Spiritual Vocation

Discipline Specific Mentorship
Online Eevnts & Workshops


Archive Video of Book Review

Eligible for Hypno-Journeys and Sound Healing Sessions


additional registration required


Video Excerpt of Book Review

Hypno-Journeys & Sound Healing Sessions N/A
Events & Workshops Included
Video of Entire Book Review

Eligible for Hypno-Journey & Sound Healing Sessions

Responsibility Comparison 




Monthly Online Check-In
Engagement with Sangodare:
Initial One-on-One Session
Follow-Up Inquiry

Facilitation Practice & Skillshare:
Ceremony & Ritual Support


$30 / month
(or 4hrs/wk apprenticeship)

monthly check-in optional


engage with Sangodare N/A

Ceremonies attendance

Transcend Priest

$60 / month & monthly tithe
+ $100 for initial session

Transcend Monthly Check-In

One-on-One session & Follow Up

Participate in Ceremony &
Support for Ceremonies

Membership Options:

Practitioner or Priestly

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Annual Memberships

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$300 for one year

Transcend Membership
One Time Registration


$600 annual membership

Priest Enrollment Paused
Once a Year Membership

Transcend's First Practice 

I invite you into this practice which is the first Transcend Practice in this portal.

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Other Options

Transcend +

Transcend plus...
Initial Session One-on-One
Follow Up Inquiry

(without the Priestly  responsibility)

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Transcend Kids

Mindfulness/Spiritual Practice

Hands on engagement and play as we consider concepts for living.

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Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Collective Singing

I have facilitated Queer Black Sunday School Choir Practice for over 10yrs. It's time for OUR choir.

Drawing from traditional spiritual songs in the Black southern tradition, contemporary gospel, Orisa music, soul, r&b, hip hop, sacred chanting traditions and more.

A Bit a'Science

Sangodare practices listening and channeling prompted by questions from the hat.


Kifu's Hill
(a sound meditation)

This is an excerpt from a blessing I created for Medicine Bowl a land based strategy for liberation visioned and  instigated by Kifu Faruq in Western NC. It is an example of the type of ceremonial work and practice I am excited for us to do together drawing from our cultural legacies.

I, Olorisa Sangódárè, invite you into a journey of surrender.
Never ending, always evolving, elevating in love and light! *

Why Transcend Now


Many people have been making requests for me to facilitate learning and practice space. My elders and peers have been very patient and supportive.

Now, I am ready to answer the call, ARE YOU?


I finally found a structure to consistently and sustainably practice from the center of my calling WITH PEOPLE. My intention has been to only start when I am really ready and WITH people that are really ready. However, with this structure you decide  your pace and process. I just get to meet you where ever it is that you show up. Where you at?


The Vision for rites of passage and initiation created for us and by us is strong. I am called; You are called by Spirit to realize the vision.

Let us remember our roles!

Calling all practitioners and priests;
Calling channels & facilitators of light.

Calling the Gatekeepers & Gender transgressors;
Calling all Children of prismatic light!

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Our Retreats Offer


Sound healing, collective singing and music practice (including drumming).


Dancing (African, Caribbean & freestyle), walking trails, labyrinths, tai chi, qi gong.


Engaged meditative practices, stillness practices including chanting. We do guided meditation, music, movement and more.

Meals as Medicine

Enjoy delicious organic and "everything free" gourmet meals including local produce, (plus occasional local poultry and eggs for those that are able).

a little bit about Sangodare

I am Olorisa Sangodare from the Carolinas. Olorisa is a priestly title meaning child of or priest of the Orisa. Sangodare means darling (some say favorite) of Sango. Owner of Orisa is another translation of Olorisa which means  someone who has/has received Orisa. As of summer 2021 I have been initiated for nine years and a Priest of the mysteries of Osun for eight years.

I was raised in the Black Baptist church in North Carolina and South Carolina, attending church and participating in church related activities pastored by their father, uncles, Grandfather and cousins. Inspired by my father, grandfather and cousin whho studied theology, I attended theology school two years after receiving my Bachelor's of Science in Multimedia Computer Science, which is an individual degree I designed at University of North Carolina at Asheville. I received my MDiv (Masters of DIvinity) from Emory University's Candler Schoo of Theology in Atlanta, GA.

A year after completing that theology degree I pursued a Masters of Film and ultimately transferred, after completing my coursework, to Black Feminist Film School (which I founded with Sista Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs). I taught film workshops, intensives and in university film departments across the country.

My art, facilitation, preaching and healing work and education has been growing for the fifteen plus years I have been practicing. To learn more please visit my website at via the link below.

Inaugural Cohort
Resources ->

Your contribution is...


Investment to this Inaugural Practitioner Cohort:


  • $60 (monthly membership)

Transcend +

  • $100 ( setup and initial consult session)
  • $60 (monthly membership)



Investment to the Inaugural Priestly Cohort:

Transcend Priest

  • Register for Practitioner Cohort:
    $100 ( initial consults)+ $60 (monthly )

  • Plus tithes.
    You pay what I pay - the first 10% of your income/increase to whereever you are getting your spiritual food. (honor system)

  • Begins November 20, 2021 - Pauli Murray's Birthday


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Inaugural Cohort
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Our contribution is...


Investment from this Inaugural Cohort Space:

  • Access to Transcend Community
  • Initial Intention Setting Consult
  • Practice Videos
    including but not limited to Ifa-Orisa, Christian,
    Hindu, Buddhist study and practice tools
  • Monthly Live Virtual Engagement
    (every 3rd Sunday after live service)
  • Seasonal In person ceremonies & retreats
    (Dec 19 - Pauli Murry Music Video)
  • Access to business/ entrepreneur incubation program
  • Invitation to Choir Practice
  • Access to purchase Hypno-journey sessions (Priestly Path)
  • Communal Accompaniment from Sangodare
    (and the elders that support me)

And more


Practitioner vs. Priest

Practitioners engage the spiritual tools and practice using them.

Priests additionally facilitate practice space AND develop a particular area of vocational and spiritual skill.

The Priestly path is appropriate for ordained and initiated clergy in any love centered spiritual, religious or mindfulness tradition.